Integrations for Google Analytics and Atlassian

David Simpson Apps Integrations for Google Analytics and Atlassian allow you to view your Google Analytics data and reports within the Atlassian product.

Our integrations for Google Analytics and Atlassian's Confluence and Jira allow you to see the information you need in context where you need it.

Get invaluable insight into your content performance, from high-level usage to identifying popular content, search terms, or areas for improvement.

Get rich insight into where your users are engaging with content and each other, and more importantly, where they’re not.


Permissions used

These integrations are built using only static HTML and JavaScript. They access the Google Analytics data directly in the browser and do not save your data anywhere.

They use the OAuth 2.0 scope to access data.

These integrations only have access to display your data if you are currently logged into Google and have authorised the app to connect to Google Analytics.